Who we Are


Hello Souderton Families!   I’m so excited about partnering with IVEF and the Souderton Area School District to offer this fundraiser with One Village Coffee.  As a Franconia family, the district is near and dear to my heart. And, so is coffee! One Village started 10 years ago right on Allentown Rd in my father-in-law’s basement. We are passionate about telling people about specialty coffee!

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Specialty coffee is coffee grown at a high elevation and picked in season, producing an amazing tasty cup of coffee.  Think about the amount of flavor in that tomato you pick up at the local farmer’s stand in the summer, when it’s ripe and in season, it’s juicy and so full of flavor. That tomato just doesn’t hold up in the winter. It’s the SAME WITH COFFEE!  

We want you to experience that coffee can taste different from one another, and help you discover a coffee that you LOVE. Use our taste categories of Classic, Modern, Single Origin, and Decaf to help narrow down a taste profile you might enjoy. For a fun experience, taste a few coffees side by side, and discover your favorite.

Every purchase goes to benefit IVEF and the Souderton Area School district. AND, as a B Corporation, your purchase also makes a social and environmental impact. We are here for any questions – just contact us. Or better yet, stop on by!  


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